Camilla Einstein, née Stern

Date of Birth:
18.03.1880, Schwanfeld/Bavaria
Todestag und Todesort nicht bekannt


Augsburg, Ulmer Straße 121

Last voluntary residence

Places of persecution

from Augsburg
via Munich-Milbertshofen
to Piaski
on 2 April 1942

Memorial sign

On 29 June 2017, a remembrance post for Camilla Einstein was installed at Ulmer Straße 121.


Camilla Einstein

Camilla Einstein, née Stern, was born on March 18, 1880 in Schwanfeld, Franconia. When she married Samuel Einstein (born in 1870), she became a member of the extended family which owned "Gebrüder Einstein" in Kriegshaber. The company, which Samuel Einstein ran together with five of his brothers, was one of the best-known cattle trading companies in Swabia until the National Socialists came to power.

Camilla and Samuel Einstein lived at 121 Ulmer Straße, which Samuel Einstein had purchased in 1904 to live there with his first wife Therese (born 1880), who died in 1931, and their sons Martin (born 1904) and Siegfried (born 1906). Martin Einstein emigrated to Palestine in 1933, his brother Siegfried followed him in 1936.

Samuel Einstein died in 1939 and his widow Camilla continued to live in the house until her deportation. On April 2, 1942, Camilla Einstein was brought from Augsburg to Munich together with her brothers-in-law Heinrich and Max Einstein as well as Max’s wife, Johanna. Two days later, the four members of the extended family were deported to the Piaski transit ghetto near Lublin. There they all perished.

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